Center of Excellence is an institution that promotes talented and gifted education in Split Dalmatia County, with a firm devotion to make the framework for working with talented and gifted in the Republic of Croatia the best it can be. We also strive to share what we learn in the process to all the people eager to help excellent and gifted students achieve their full potential in the EU and the world.

At this point we have over 120 mentors and more than 370 students in our “A” programmes in Mathematics, IT, New technologies and Natural sciences.

Teachers and teacher training are also our primary interest and the center organises various teacher trainings and conferences, which are not only focused on gifted and talented education but teaching methods as well.

Mission statement

The Center of excellence of the Split-Dalmatia County aims to stimulate student excellence and excellence of the system itself.

Our values:
• Our primary responsibility is to improve the quality of education
• A consistent demonstration of commitment to excellence is the best way to achieve excellence
• The whole system can benefit from promoting excellence and giftedness
• Learning is a lifelong process
• Mutual trust, care and respect are of key importance for learning
• Effective teaching enhances the quality of education
• Quality content improves the learning environment
• Schools, families and communities are partners
• Effective listening and open, two-way communication are key to our success


• to realise the full potential of every excellent and gifted student.